About BNJN Design
  • BNJN Interior Architecture is a multi-faceted design studio that tailors distinctive workplace solutions for corporate offices and headquarters. Aptly named after the founder, BNJN pursues design originality via creative depiction of client work culture formulate with in depth finding of their workflow to produce an optimum efficient work environment with aesthetic pleasure.
    In 2014, BNJN Interior Architecture was established in Shanghai by Ben Goh and Jane Chen, both of whom came from a multi-disciplinary background spanning from Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Project Management, Fashion Design, and Furniture Design.
  • BNJN houses a diverse team of experienced designers committed to offer some world-class award winning designs, various types of projects, including Building Renovation, Commercial Retail Space, Arts & Cultural Exhibition and many more.
    Beyond Shanghai China context,BNJN establish in Singapore with international accolades & awards. Like International Design Awards, U.S.A; Asia Pacific Property Awards; A' Design Awards, Italy; German Design Awards; SBID Awards, U.K., etc...
  • Co-Founder Jane Chen
    Jane Chen as an AIA has over 25 years of professional experience in architectural design, interior architecture, and master planning. Having worked on projects in Asia, United States and Europe in addition to China. Her unique cross-discipline experience creates her own design philosophy, which make her succeed to completer high quality project. Because of her excellent performance, Jane Chen has got a lot of awards in the world. For instance, In 2008, named Jane Chen one of the “40-elites-under-40”working in the architecture industry, she was also invited to join an design competition as a judge by Interior Design in 2014.
    Jane’s consummate experience in architecture allows her to understand building design from the inside out. This background causes her to view interior design as more than decoration, but rather as a powerful form of space creation that has the ability to shape the culture of its inhabitants, changing the way they live and work. Her deep understanding of building systems allows her to seamlessly meld interiors with the existing architectural structure, leading to strategic use of space and smart design.
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    Jane firmly believes that a complete Interior architect should have knowledge and experience in every step of the design process. From her involvement in marketing, finding clients and understanding their project goals, to her experience as design principal and project manager, to her commitment to the final execution, Jane has participated in every aspect from conception to construction. With years of project management experience acquired from working with both multinational and domestic clients, Jane uses her expert skills in architecture and interiors to support design teams that sustain open communication and produce thoughtful interior solutions.
    Jane’s extensive experience includes the design of corporate office headquarters, hotels, and mixed-use retail complexes like GTJA Corporate Office, Philips Lighting HQ, SUEZ China HQ.
  • Co-Founder Ben Goh
    Ben Goh is an award winning cross-disciplinary designer from Singapore with 25 years experience in shaping the interior, furniture and fashion design industries. With accumulation of multiple international accolades and awards. His projects covered Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Mauritius, and China.
    Graduated with a UK degree in construction project management, Ben acquired extensive project management experience in mixed-use retail complexes, hospitality, corporate offices, banking institutions, high-end retails and residential showrooms. Ben worked on a lot of MNC projects, such as the Unilever Shanghai Office, Shell Singapore Office, AECOM HK Asia Headquarter, DBS Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. Ever since his career kicked-off with The Singapore Parliament House, he was then attune to set a solid foundation to focus on some discerning design project and best practices.
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    But most interestingly during the year of 2003 to 2010, Ben founded his cross-disciplinary studio and created a waves of works that has been showcased in New York, Milan and Paris, under his other eponymous name benWU. Dubbed as Genius by Elle Magazine Singapore, benWU the brand name has been covered by a lot media i.e. TV programs, print or web platform, in Singapore, New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok.
    Ben has given various talks at Design Festivals, conducted workshops in Schools and invited as jury panel for DNA International Furniture Design Competition 2011, alongside with international architect, Naoto Fukasawa a famous Japanese Designer and etc.
    Though Ben has extended his professional capacities to macro management of large scale international architecture projects, his unique design aspiration rooted on participating every idea execution. As a cofounder of BNJN, he is fully involve in every process from conceptualization to construction completion stage. Furthermore, his progressive fashion design sense will value add as trend forecast expert.
  • Executive Director Kelvin Sim
    With 20 years of architectural and interior design experience, Kelvin has joined top architectural firms in Singapore assisting in architectural and hospitality projects and eventually moving onto commercial and industrial interior design as lead designer who has successfully completed well known MNC and private offices, banks and various government projects in several regions throughout Asia with names like British Petroleum, Baxter Medical, General Electric, Motorola, LMVH Holdings, Hewlett Packard etc.
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    During his tenure in Beijing and Shanghai for more than 8 years previously, Kelvin has acquired experience in handling multi-nationality clients and managing overseas projects as well. His extensive portfolio cover the likes of architectural façade rejuvenation and interior works for buildings, MNC offices, retail banks, recreation centres, clean rooms and laboratories, industrial factory office and workshops, schools etc.
    His multi-disciplinary skillset and accumulated working experience in various countries has honed his perspective mind in managing different projects, tailoring innovative design and build solutions for individual projects, making each of them a unique piece of art. Such dedication in his works has earned him several awards and mentions in newspaper and television interview on his forward thinking in design and functional aspect.